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Succeed in your market development plans. Optimize time and money. Go-to-market studies helps you identify opportunities of new market entries through research and insights.

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Biopharma Consulting ensures our clients are able to take the decision of entering a new market by focusing on three critical building blocks: A thorough analysis of the environment, a detailed characterization of the relevant marketplace and a concrete and actionable plan to be successful in the new market.

With Biopharma Consulting go to market studies, you can expect to take informed decisions about new market entries, optimizing time and money.

Our approach

We help our clients succeed in the market development plans by shedding light through research and insights which enable them to cleanly identify opportunities of new market entries. We work with our clients to:

Determine if it’s feasible to commercialize their line of products or services in the targeted markets.
Evaluate the market potential their products or services in order to take informed investment decisions.
Analyze the socioeconomic environment before investing in a new market or geography.
Deliver insights about the mid- to long-term financial potential of their products or services, factoring in specific risks and opportunities of a market entry.

Steps we take

Analysis of the relevant environment: covering economic and sociopolitical continental Latin America environment as well as relevant countries.
Analysis of the continental and local pharmaceutical markets: competitors, number of the products or services already in the market and price levels, addressing topics of how to get access to public formularies, crafting together a potential forecast of sales for the products or services.
Define the dimensions of marketing and sales: concrete market entry plan, required organizational structure of the business and financial resources required.
Recommendation if and what type of market entry is the most successful. We guide you through setting up a company or using an existing local distributor, adequate levels of investments, defining timelines and appropriate organizational structures.

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