Commercialize your products in new geographies.

Outlicense and distribute your products within new markets through a local partner, getting additional revenue from markets you could not normally be present.

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Biopharma Consulting enables you to launch and commercialize successfully your products or services in Latin America, through representation and hosting agreements. Our trustworthy practice allows our clients to get additional revenue additional revenue in Latin America without setting up an own presence.

Our approach

Clients’ need assessment in terms of go to market strategy.
Define or confirm market potential of products or services.
Determine the ideal commercial conditions for a successful representation or hosting setup.
Design a customized hosting or representation agreement.
Calculate the financial dimensions in terms of transfer prices, require marketing and sales support, setting up supply agreements.
Assist with the legal setup, trademark and patent registration, define regulatory requirements and procure resource platform to speed up time to market.
Professional product launch and commercialization.

We recommend this practice to our clients who want to launch and commercialize their products or services in Latin America but lack local partners and don’t want to set up their own affiliates. That's where Biopharma Consulting can enable our clients to increase their sales in Latin America.

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