We are impact centric

We proudly support the Andreina Nett Global Pediatric Health Fund, created by Andreina Nett Cordero in 2011, with the aim of helping children with cancer in developing countries to get better treatment outcomes.

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It's a battle worth fighting

The tragic pareto: 80% of children with cancer in developed countries survive. While the survival rates in developing countries is still only 20%.

These numbers represent a huge challenge to improve delivery of healthcare through nurse education and concrete projects to dramatically change health outcomes in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

We have proven that it's possible to help set up projects with high impact which that don't require a lot of money, but improve training, processes and treatment paradigms.

We’re guided by

Our daily work is guided by the principle that "it's important to give back in life". More specifically we need to contribute to better survival rates and treatment outcomes with our own innovative thinking, improving nurse and medical practice through concrete projects. After receiving world class medical treatment defeating cancer in 2011, the conviction of Andreina is aimed at changing the pareto paradigm, establishing her foundation nearly 10 years ago.

Currently, the foundation supports the work of the Global Health Initiative team at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.

Your gift makes the difference

You can make a difference today by contributing to the projects that save children's lives around the world. Please access the online giving page at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

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