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Get guidance and concrete implementation and execution of your plans, ensuring the success of your new operation on mid and long term.

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Biopharma Consulting helps your business or products/services getting started in determined markets or the whole Latin American region. Our startup practice is supported by a wide range of activities, amongst them:

Legal support: provide local or regional contacts to register trademarks and patents, as well as to establish contracts with service providers.
Regulatory affairs support: know how to register new pharmaceutical products, services and medical devices.
Elaboration of business plans: to launch operations, products and devices.
Hiring local staff: to set up functional structures to be able to manage operations and commercialize new products and services.
Financial management: elaborate budgets and cash allow estimates to determine working capital requirements.
Assistance with the setup of launch and scientific events: coordinate with local providers and scientific organizations.

With startup service you can obtain:

Real, on the ground support with the implementation of your plans and projects.
Professionally supervised execution against plans, to assure success in the mid and long-term.
Interim management capacity: one of our senior staff members will join you as a temporal general or commercial manager to set up operations and launch commercial organization.

Our approach

Companies planning to enter the Latin American region have a lot at stake: they need to make sure that the investments they are about to commit to are successful. Failing to succeed often means having to pull out of the region after several years of trial and error, having spent a lot of money. That’s why it is crucial to have Biopharma Consulting’s startup support available:

We design operating plans, defining goals, metrics and strategies to the short- and mid-term. Execute smoothly the operating plans. Undertake the necessary legal and regulatory activities to launch commercial activities once the products are registered and the company is legally established or represented in the region.
Advance the commercial development into the product launch phase: hiring people, evaluating distributors, creating access strategies for the private and public markets. Access dossiers, health economy studies, non-traditional access strategies (risk sharing, capitation models).

Entering a new market requires a well-structured and carefully orchestrated approach. Biopharma Startup consulting assures our clients are successful in launching operation in the Latin American region, achieving reasonable growth over time.

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