Define, refine and execute your strategies for growth.

The key to a good strategy is structure and business coordination. With Strategic Planning, you’ll get a clear, comprehensive view on how to do business on the next years.

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Biopharma Consulting helps companies define, refine and execute their short, mid and long-term strategies, setting them on a clear and aligned path of growth. Our strategic planning practice is based on a structured approach, assisting our clients with all the elements required to define a robust strategic plan. From environmental and market analysis, internal priorities in terms of products and services, to financial dimensions such as sales and expenses, financial modelling and definition of strategic imperatives. We apply world class diagnostics and methodology to ensure you derive powerful insights from your company's path forward.

With Biopharma Consulting Strategic Planning, you can expect:

  • A focus on the strategic development of your company for the short, mid and long term.
  • A comprehensive framework on how to do business going forward, which can be clearly communicated internally and externally.
  • Rigorous, fact-based analysis to help your company create actionable strategic plans enable successful development of operations.
  • 360-degree perspective on how to exceed long range plans, integrating our world-class capabilities in business strategy, corporate finance, environment/political/economic analysis.
  • A customized approach based on thorough understanding of your business.

Our approach

Strategic planning is a core business process that requires a structured effort and multifunctional coordination. To succeed, companies need to embed strategy and analysis deep into their organizational DNA to ensure that the business goals and long-term plans are shared aligned across business units and functions. Companies looking at defining or refining their strategic plans often seek the support of a specialized consultant. While their current strategic plans are valuable and can often be leveraged through Biopharma Consulting’s casework, we are convinced that a fresh outside view can uncover a wealth of untapped opportunities for companies to more effectively execute on their implementation of strategies.

Modular strategic plan elements:

  • Socio economic analysis.
  • Market analysis.
  • Portfolio analysis.
  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) matrix.
  • Strategic imperatives or main strategic themes that are vital for the plan’s success.
  • Quantitative financial modelling and projection of the strategic direction extrapolating sales figures, expenses and other key data, developing base-, best- and worst-case scenarios for the planning period.
  • Sensitivity analysis: define the potential upsides of the plan as well as the downsides coming from the external or internal sources.
  • Strategic plan book containing all elements of the plan.

As with any initiative, executing a new strategic plan within an organization requires a well-structured and carefully orchestrated approach. At Biopharma Consulting we determine the success of the exercise by supporting the execution of the plan with clarity and alignment on all levels of the organization, measuring the results to determine gaps between the expected and real results.

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